The Gold Current by Yasmin

Wild Carrot


Meet the Wild Carrot, an ancestor of cultivated carrots. I love meeting plant ancestors, don't you? It's a living reminder of Mother Nature's perseverance and history through the seasons and the ages.

The Wild Carrot's white flower bloom is beautiful in its own right and is popularly known by it's majestic name: Queen Anne's Lace. Some say it looks like a lacey bird's nest and, in the language of flowers, represents sanctuary. In my garden, it's a host plant for certain butterflies, so there is some truth to that.

There are historic medicinal uses of Wild Carrot too. If you dig it up before the flower blooms and turns the root stringy and woody, you might find an edible carrot. Back in the day, tea made from this root was used as a diuretic as well as an aid to eliminating kidney stones and worms. Seeds were used for contraceptive purposes and hangover remedies. Young leaves were tossed into salads and soups. The flower is sweet and can be made into jelly. But beware, Queen's Anne Lace looks very similar to the lethal hemlock plant and it can also cause uterine contractions in pregnant woman. This plant has a lot of power!


About this Cyanotype
This is an original cyanotype on fabric. It will arrive matted and framed in an 11x14inch white frame. Ready to hang!