The Gold Current by Yasmin

Animal Shield: Elephant Hexagon


This elephant is firmly grounded at the base of her triangle and yet also gently held by the magic of the new moon and the heavens above. 

Side note: Elephants are steady, wise, gentle, and loyal companions. One of my wishes for us all is that we have people and animals like this in our life. 


I created Animal Shields this Spring/Summer, as Covid-19 swept the world and we were asked to Shelter In Place for our collective health & safety. I had moved out of my shared studio and was working on a folding table in my living room.  

As we moved through the months, data indicated that carbon emissions reduced significantly as the roads were less traveled by cars and our skies had fewer airplanes. Polluted air cleared when factories (temporarily) closed. More people were recognizing that shopping local farms and small businesses was important to the wellbeing and livelihood of our communities. 

It almost seemed possible that the earth could take a moment to rest & heal herself. 

[Yes, I was trying to find a hopeful silver lining during these unprecedented and uncertain times.]

As you know, my art often features elements of the Natural world. During this pandemic time, when humans were causing less immediate damage to our earth's climate, I wondered how animals around the world were reacting when we stepped back from "normal" life. Were they potentially feeling more relaxed, brave, safe, and free? 

This was the initial impetus behind creating my Animal Shields collection. The strong pull of Progress & Productivity is relentless in our modern world and it can remove us from quiet, grounding connections we feel in the presence of plants, animals, and the Natural world. There are lessons to be learned when we pay attention. Animal Shields are symbolic reminders to protect and connect with those that share this Earth with us.


About this Original

This mixed media original is 16" wide x 14" tall x 2" deep on museum panel.  It arrives ready to hang. Each side measures 8 inches. Free shipping.