The Gold Current by Yasmin

Golden Tail Feathers


The other day I found a tail feather that had fallen to the earth and I briefly wondered to myself, what happens to a bird that loses its tail feather? Is it a big deal when it happens or does the bird just grow another one? Can the bird fly as nimbly when it is missing one? Do humans have some kind of equivalent to tail feathers?

I had to look this up, but do you know how a bird steers & balances without tumbling? Tail flight feathers! A bird's tail feathers are like a rudder and are specifically used to steer and balance a bird as it twists and turns in flight.  

In this piece, the bird is proudly showing off his golden tail feathers.


About this Original

I made this mixed media original as part of the Birds of a Feather series, a collection celebrating the song, flight, and beauty of birds.  When you zoom in on this painting, you will see layers of depth and texture. When light plays over the piece, it also glints off the embedded silver mica as well as shimmers over the gold leaf on the bird's tail feathers and beak. 

8x10 Mixed Media on canvas.