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Moon for Transformation

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Somewhere in your life, you might be sensing that something is ready to change. Might be big, might be small. Might be more of this and less of that. Might involve other people or it might just involve you. Might be complex to straighten out or might be simple to shift. Might stir up tears of sadness or light you up with the unexplainable. This moon reminds us that transformation is a journey not to be avoided out of fear of change. Transformation doesn’t have to be heavy. Like the moon’s monthly movement from dark, to new, to full, and back again, a transformation can take one shape and then take another shape after that. Shift, evaluate, and shift again. Start again. Release what doesn’t serve.

This moon reminds us that nothing is permanent and it’s ok to change.

Lessons from the Moon Collection
This is a piece from the "Lessons from the Moon" collection. Each mixed media cyanotype in this collection reflects lessons from the moon, as she accompanies us every night through this global pandemic season.

About My Process
Cyanotypes are a photographic process that use a UV-sensitive emulsion that reacts with the sun to create ethereal images in blue and white. Since this process is so dependent on the weather, light conditions, seasons, and timing, there is an unpredictable nature to the outcome of each piece that can’t be replicated. To me, this is part of the mystery of this art form.

In addition to the outdoor elements required for cyanotype creation, I use plants, collage, and sometimes ink and acrylic to create each piece. Each piece is made on thick, bright white, Arches watercolor paper with deckled edges. It’s intriguing to me that the subject matter, the paper substrate, and even the piece itself uses Nature as an integral part of its creation process. I like to think that I'm collaborating with Nature to create art in celebration of Nature!

My hope is that when people experience this collection, they feel an immediate sense of connection and grounding with the Natural World. A moment of calm during the uncertain times around us.

Unique features
Please note that due to the cyanotype process, there may be slight undulations in the paper and each piece features a unique blue ranging from cyan to indigo to Prussian blue. This is normal. Refer to one of the included images to see examples of the variations in blue and deckled edges.

This piece is 22x 30 inches and unframed. It would look stunning when float mounted in a thin brushed silver, black, or light maple frame.

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