The Gold Current by Yasmin

Art for your heart & home

Cyanotypes, Mixed Media, & NFTs by Yasmin Youssef

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Prints of my popular mixed media collections. Many of them are hand embellished with ink or gold leaf.


Art to inspire connection, reflection, and beauty in your heart and home.

Yasmin is a fine artist exploring worlds of mixed media, cyanotype, and collage. Her creative process mixes color, textures, detail, mark making, botanicals, animals, moons, gold leaf, vintage ephemera and rich layers into visual experiences that remind us of our deep connection to the Natural World.

Shops & Shows

Historias Fantasticas: Fort Gallery NFT, May 5-31

The Other Art Fair by Saatchi: May 12-15, Dallas, Tx

The Flower Show: June 5 - July 15, Lockhart, Tx

Art Santa Fe: July 15 - 17, Santa Fe, NM

People's Gallery at Austin City Hall: June 2022 - 2024, Austin, Tx

Open Canopy Studios: 1 - 4pm, first Saturdays. Studio #201

Limbo Stores: Austin, TX

The Cathedral: Austin, Tx

I received your beautiful art for my birthday. It graces my life every day. I feel beauty in my heart when I look at it. I feel inspired and temporarily transported to the ancient, to the ethereal, to the lovely golden ethers. Thank you.

– Joan

NFT digital art

I've recently launched my first NFT collection of animated Hamsa Blessings on the tezos blockchain. Over the next year, I will be creating 100 of these!


Hamsa Blessings collection


A hamsa offering protection when scaling new heights. Increased ability to face risk with fearlessness.


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