The Gold Current by Yasmin

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Prints of my popular mixed media collections. Many of them are hand embellished with ink or gold leaf.


Shops & Shows

Cement Loop Open Studios: 1-5pm on July 18. 5811 Berkman, suite 140, Austin, TX

Art For The People: Group Show, Jan 30 - Aug 14, Austin, TX

The Other Art Fair: Oct 21 - 24, Dallas, TX

People's Gallery at Austin City Hall: Austin, Tx

ArtUs Co Market @ The Arboretum: Austin, Tx

Limbo Stores: Austin, TX

The Cathedral: Austin, Tx

Happy to see you here!

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Yasmin and I am an Austin-based visual artist. My work using collage, paint, plaster, cyanotypes, vintage ephemera, and gold leaf offers quiet connection to the natural world around us and also explores the complexities of the female figure.

People often mention how much they love the detail, depth of layers, symbols, peacefulness, and texture in my work. At my shows, I see them moving closer and closer to a piece as they recognize that the deeper they look, the more they see. And then, that transformational moment! That moment when I see them forge an emotional connection to a piece and then turn to me with a soft smile, a moment of happiness, recognition, and a spark of excitement. This is such a beautiful connection and it’s amazing to witness. It is my hope that my art brings forth moments of ease, self-reflection and connection to oneself, and that these moments can be held in tandem with the daily stresses around us.

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I Also Design User Experiences.

In the corporate world, I have built an extensive career as a User Experience (UX) Designer & Manager designing enterprise-level software, websites, iPhone and iPad applications. I hold several software patents and, in general, can easily nerd out on the topic of design.

Did You Know I Like to Dance?

I have performed in large festivals, theaters, and concert venues around the world with Thievery Corporation, Govinda and Sabaya Bellydance Collective.


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