The Gold Current by Yasmin

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Prints of my popular mixed media collections. Many of them are hand embellished with ink or gold leaf.


Shops & Shows

The Other Art Fair: Oct 21 - 24, Dallas, TX

Travis Heights Art Walk: Nov 6-7, 1-5pm. 506 Leland, Austin, TX.

East Austin Studio Tour: Canopy Studio #210, Nov 13 - 14, Nov 20 - 21, Austin, TX

People's Gallery at Austin City Hall: Austin, Tx

ArtUs Co Market: The Arboretum, Austin, Tx

Open Canopy Studios: 1 - 4pm, first Saturdays. Studio #201

Limbo Stores: Austin, TX

The Cathedral: Austin, Tx

NFT digital art

I've just released my first NFT collection of Hamsa Blessings on the Hic et Nunc platform. This crypto art platform is exploding with all kinds of new art, including regenerative, pixel, and animated art. My first three hamsas are below and if you visit their links, you will see that the eye of each hamsa is animated.

Hamsa Blessings collection

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