I'm #326 on the Austin Studio Tour and my open studio hours are listed below. Come visit & be inspired by beautiful art!

Art to soothe your soul

Cyanotypes, Mixed Media, and NFTs by Yasmin Youssef

Austin Studio Tour is Here!

I will be opening my studio on

Saturday, Nov 4 from 12-4pm

Sunday, Nov 12 from 12-6pm

Saturday, Nov 18 from 12-6pm

Sunday, Nov 19 from 12-6pm

Studio address: 916 Springdale Road, Studio #201

My Austin Tour Stop number is 326

I made the list!

Thrilled to announce that I am listed as one of Tribeza's magazine's must-see artists in Canopy on the Austin Studio Tour.

Ethereal collages & organic botanicals that awaken your senses. Mystical prints & originals that are one giant exhale for your nervous system. Art to inspire connection, reflection within yourself and the Natural World. Art to soothe your soul.

Explore My Collections


Deep indigo and white plant x-rays. These botanical vignettes bring nature into contemporary settings.



Elevate your surroundings with the timeless beauty of one-of-a-kind mixed media original art.



Prints of my popular mixed media collections. Many of them are hand embellished with ink or gold leaf



Yasmin's art evokes an ethereal, mystical world, integrating divine symbolism and meaningful images. Her mixed media art takes my imagination on voyages around the world and through the ages. Her use of layered textures, gold, and collage draw me into her paintings and leave the eye with endless details to discover. For me, her work embodies luminosity, mystery and magic

- Nora

I received your beautiful art for my birthday. It graces my life every day. I feel beauty in my hear when I look at it. I feel inspired and temporarily transported to the ancient, to the ethereal, to the lovely golden ethers. Thank you.

- Joan

Yasmin's cyanotypes and mixed media collages resonate wiht organic, feminine energy and explore visual movement. Her collages incorporate found culturally infused fragments with personal spiritual insights, symbols, texts and icons. The ongoing explorations with cyanotypes capture and compose captured instances of nature through delicate organic and geometric patterns.

- Shawn



Shops, Shows & Workshops

Lucky Star Art Camp Workshops: Nov 8 - 12, Hunt, TX

Austin Studio Tour: Nov 11 - 12 & 18 - 19, Austin, TX

Peoples Gallery at Austin City Hall: June 2022 - 2024, Austin, TX

Open Canopy Studios: 1-4pm, first Saturdays. Studio #201

The Cathedral: Austin, TX

NFT digital art

Here you can find my first NFT collection of animated Hamsa Blessings and animated cyanotypes on the tezos blockchain.

Hamsa Blessings Collection


A hamsa offering protection from shyness, increased abundance of strength and confidence.



A hamsa offering protection from loneliness and increased power of memory.


Hamsa 011

A hamsa offering protection from seasonal sadness & increased holiday spirit.